EBC brake pads for different situations

EBC brake pads are designed for a range of different driving conditions. Because of the different materials used in their construction, EBC brake pads which are designed to be used in one set of driving conditions may not be as suitable in a different situation.

The way EBC brake pads slow the car down is by pressing against the brake disc in the wheel, the friction between the two surfaces converts the car's kinetic energy into heat. This heat is unavoidable. Dealing with heat is one of the pad's most important tasks. The amount of heat generated, and the amount of time the pad has to dissipate this heat will depend on the type of vehicle and how it's being driven.

Some of the main factors in choosing which type of EBC brake pads to use are how fast you're likely to be driving, how heavy your vehicle is, how frequently and how heavily you'll be braking, how durable you need the pads to be, how resistant they need to be to dirt and sand, and how much you're willing to pay.

Some of the situations where you might need these specialist pads include:

Premium Street Driving

EBC green stuff 2000

For normal road cars which need a higher performance brake pad than the factory fitted one, for fast/heavy street use or for hill-climbs.

The best EBC brake pads for this category are EBC Green Stuff 2000. This pad has a high initial brake effect, but with reduced brake dust compared to normal brake pads. It is designed for cars up to 200BHP.

4-Wheel-Drive off-road vehicles

EBC green stuff 6000

Off-road vehicles are generally heavier than normal cars, and so will require special brake pads, plus the more extreme road conditions will mean that the brakes will be subjected to mud and water.

The best EBC brake pads for this category are EBC Green Stuff 6000. Or for a slight price premium, the EBC Green Stuff 7000, which are the ultimate SUV front-end brake pads.

Highly Tuned Performance Cars

EBC red stuff

For cars which are tuned for higher speeds and harder braking than normal, and whose brakes have to withstand higher temperatures.

The best EBC brake pads for this category are EBC Red Stuff. These pads are only recommended for road use on cars with greater than 200 BHP. This pad has proven very popular in the saloon-car racing scene.

Full Track Racing Cars

EBC yellpw stuff

For cars whose brakes need to work well at constantly higher temperatures, although some of these compounds now have improved low temperature torque as well.

The best EBC brake pads for this category are EBC Yellow Stuff. Although EBC Yellow Stuff is designed as a racing brake - able to withstand constant higher temperatures, recent advances have meant that it also performs well under normal braking conditions. They are used by many UK police forces.

EBC blue stuff

Depending on the type of racing you're doing you might also want to look at EBC Blue Stuff. These are pads designed for endurance racing, so if you're going to be racing for up to six hours these will be the ones to go for.

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